Rocky Mountain Document Destruction’s services are consistent with the best privacy and security practices on the market.  As a National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certified member, we are subject to random audits and regulations that many don’t fully comprehend.

NAID’s role in verifying the standards within the industry can give clients the peace of mind they seek when choosing a vendor to help them shred their documents and be compliant with the major data protection laws around the world.

We offer a variety of different services in order to serve the needs of our clients:
Paper Destruction Services


All the government regulations require almost any business to hold on to specific records for a sustained amount of time.  Once that time has expired it is important to destroy these documents with sensitive information in a timely manner.  We can help our clients rid the file room of their oldest documents once a year, to make space for new business information.


Scheduled Service:

To help ensure security we’ll supply you with a container(s) with anti tamper features to fill at your own pace.  Our state of the art mobile shred truck will then visit with your desired frequency to destroy those documents leaving you with a certificate of destruction for your records.



Bi Weekly





Collection Container Information 

Executive Console (above)       Cabinet style container for office environment.  Locks when shut with anti-tamper slot. Top surface open in order to  to place printer, fax machine, etc…

Dimensions:  19″W x 17″D x 35″H

Capacity:        90-100 Lbs.

Rolling Bins (above right)            Lid cutout to place paper in anti-tamper slot.  External lock to keep documents confidential until destroyed.

Dimensions:  65 Gal – 40″H x 27″W x 28″D           95 Gal – 45″H x 28″W x 34″D

Capacity:         65 Gal – Approx. 227 Lbs.               95 Gal – Approx. 332 Lbs.

Hard Drive Destruction

Do not forget about your old computers and the amount of information they hold.  Ask us how we can provide you with certified destruction of old hard drives, whether it’s a one time purge or a recurring service we can accommodate.



We recycle 100% of our destroyed material and can offer a uniform of recycling services. Our consulting team can offer assistance through waste audits to provide the best program for your business.