Why Shred

Why Shred?

Shredding and destructing documents is an imperative task for any business. By properly shredding documents, it can be ensured that confidential information does not end up in the wrong hands, and the livelihood of the business stays protected. There are many scenarios where a business did not properly destruct confidential information, and the business along with their employees were left vulnerable to identity theft as well as several other negative consequences.

Why Choose Rocky Mountain Document Destruction?

There is an increasing amount of companies outsourcing their document destruction and shredding needs for several reasons. Instead of running the risk of an employee getting injured by using a personal shredder, wasting valuable work hours, exposing employees to information they should not have access to, and spending money for paper shredding, let us take care of your document destruction for you. Rocky Mountain Document Destruction is a certified company, and we will provide a record of destruction so you have proof that your documents have been shredded and destructed properly.

Why Not Just Recycle?

When you recycle your old documents, you can not ensure that they are securely destroyed. Recycling alone will not provide how it was destroyed, where it was destroyed, who destroyed it, when it was destroyed, legal chain of custody, or fiduciary obligations which ultimately leaves your documents vulnerable to exposing information.


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