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3 Reasons to Use a Professional Hard Drive Destruction Service

Hard drives are a part of any business’s data storage plans. Companies in Salt Lake City and across the country use hard drives to store data from past quarters and annual reporting, including financial records to employees’ personal information. These hard drives can contain information you want to keep secure and private. So what do you […]

Rocky Mountain Document Destruction Donates to Success in Education

Salt Lake City, Utah (Tuesday, January 12, 2021) Rocky Mountain Document Destruction announces its partnership with “Success in Education” (SIE) today. RMDD will donate the value of the recycled paper it shreds back to SIE to help implement their programs. Success in Education is a non-profit group in Utah focused on helping children in school succeed […]

Why Use a Mobile Document Shredding Service

​Throwing important documents in the trash is high-risk behavior. Your sensitive information could be subject to theft while sitting in a regular trash can. Whether it’s personal information or confidential information about your business, scammers want it! Falling victim to identity theft, money scams, and losing business ideas to competitors are all possibilities when you […]

Shredding Critical Documents and Other Important Papers In-House is Not Cheaper

​The Rocky Mountain Document Destruction sales team visits hundreds of businesses in and around the greater Salt Lake City area throughout the year. During these visits, our sales team inevitably encounters companies that insist on destroying important documents or hard drives and shredding paper themselves. The situation typically looks like this: small to medium-sized companies paying a […]

What should I shred?

Every day, whether at home or at the office, people all over the United States receive and process significant amounts of paper. Whether it’s through the mail, around the office, or by some other delivery method, everyone gets some important or personal information on paper. Most people know to destroy documents containing obvious personal data […]