Rocky Mountain Document Destruction - A Division of ACE Recycling & Disposal

​The Rocky Mountain Document Destruction sales team visits hundreds of businesses in and around the greater Salt Lake City area throughout the year. During these visits, our sales team inevitably encounters companies that insist on destroying important documents or hard drives and shredding paper themselves. The situation typically looks like this: small to medium-sized companies paying a staff member, sometimes an hourly employee, and other times a salaried, full-time staff member to manually shred papers, destroy important documents, or even dispose of old computer hard drives. This employee sits in front of a small paper shredder, feeding five to ten sheets of paper at a time through the cheap machine, hoping it won’t overheat from being fed too much paper too fast. Or worse, the shredder could break down because the employee failed to remove a staple or paper clip from a stack of documents. Upon inquiry from the Rocky Mountain Document Destruction sales executive, the employee divulges that it takes them anywhere between ten to thirty minutes per day to shred all the paper and other important documents that end up in the “shred pile.” We even heard a story about employees spending hours smashing old hard drives with hammers out in the company parking lot! While that sounds like a lot of fun, it’s not the safest and most effective way to destroy an old hard drive.

​In each of these cases, the business owner or other business leader believes they are saving their company money by handling this critical process themselves. At first glance, the do-it-yourself approach can seem to be the most cost-effective way to manage all your company’s document destruction and paper shredding needs. Not only is handling these processes yourself not the most cost-effective way to do it, but destroying critical documents yourself can cost you more money, time, and other resources.

The minimum wage is $7.25 per hour in Utah, but most employees trusted to purge old documents earn upwards of $15.00 per hour. If that person spends thirty minutes per day shredding paper, that process costs the company $150 per month in employee salary alone. This cost does not include equipment costs and lost opportunity costs when that employee spent time mindlessly shredding documents rather than completing the other, more essential tasks that makeup that employee’s job. Add the liability of someone’s private information getting lost or stolen because the document destruction process isn’t secure, and you have a costly do-it-yourself operation.

​So, why work so hard to save a few pennies when there is a more efficient, secure, and environmentally friendly way to shred those documents and destroy those old computer hard drives? Outsourcing your document shredding and hard drive destruction needs to Rocky Mountain Document Destruction will save you money! We destroy your documents faster with a security guarantee, and we recycle all of that shredded paper! We’ll safely and securely transport all of your shredded paper to our recycling facility, where it can be processed and reused. Because we recycle your shredded paper, outsourcing your document destruction needs is the best method for our environment. Plus, outsourcing to Rocky Mountain Document Destruction means no more mundane tasks for your valuable employees.

​Save money. Keep your private information secure. Help the environment. Keep employees on-task — all with Rocky Mountain Document Destruction.