Rocky Mountain Document Destruction - A Division of ACE Recycling & Disposal

Every day, whether at home or at the office, people all over the United States receive and process significant amounts of paper. Whether it’s through the mail, around the office, or by some other delivery method, everyone gets some important or personal information on paper. Most people know to destroy documents containing obvious personal data to ensure that information stays safe and doesn’t fall into identity thieves’ hands. However, without a trusted document destruction method, these papers and other personal documents often end up in “I’ll-shred-it-later” piles all around the home or office. Also, there are many other documents that people save and are unsure whether to include them in the destruction piles. To be safe rather than sorry, the questionable documents, forms, and other papers also end up in piles around the home or office.

Rather than allowing these piles of paper and other important documents to build and create clutter, many different storage and destruction methods will help keep your life clutter-free and your identity safe. Rocky Mountain Document destruction provides Scheduled Paper Shredding Services, Paper Shredding Purges, Drop Off Paper Shredding, Hard Drive Destruction, and Free Shredding Events sponsored by large companies for their clients or neighborhoods of which they are part.

But, how do you decide what should be shredded or destroyed, and what can be safely disposed of in a regular trash or recycle bin?

There are thousands of variations of documents, papers, hard drives, and other sensitive materials, so we can’t possibly list all potential items that might interest a competitor, hacker, or identity thief. If you’re not sure what to do with all the documents and other materials in your “I’ll-shred-it-later” piles, here’s a reference list of ideas to help you decide what to destroy and what you can throw away:

  • Applications
  • Audit Materials
  • Bank Statements
  • Bid Proposals
  • Canceled or Blank Checks
  • Claims
  • Company Memos
  • Company Notes
  • Contracts
  • Customer Lists
  • Drug Screens
  • Education Records
  • Financial Statements
  • Hard Drives
  • Insurance Records
  • Inventory Lists and Reports
  • Legal Documents
  • Loan Information
  • Marketing Plans
  • Medical Records
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Memos
  • Misprinted Materials
  • Obsolete Tax and Bank Records
  • Out-of-Date Literature or Business Records
  • Personnel Files
  • Printed Emails
  • Product Designs
  • Price Lists
  • Sales Figures
  • Sales Statistics
  • Sensitive Correspondence

Do you have anything on this list or anything else you can think of that needs to be safely and permanently destroyed? If so, Rocky Mountain Document destruction can help. We cover a wide range of services and tailor them to an individual’s needs up to a company with thousands of employees. Rocky Mountain Document destruction can help you remove clutter and permanently dispose of your sensitive information.