Rocky Mountain Document Destruction - A Division of ACE Recycling & Disposal

​Throwing important documents in the trash is high-risk behavior. Your sensitive information could be subject to theft while sitting in a regular trash can. Whether it’s personal information or confidential information about your business, scammers want it! Falling victim to identity theft, money scams, and losing business ideas to competitors are all possibilities when you don’t take the necessary steps to protect your private information.

As a business operator, it’s your responsibility to ensure the private data of yourself, your clients, and your customers stays private. But shredding private documents and other important papers is time-consuming, and when you complete the shredding, you still have to figure out how to get rid of all of those shredded papers safely and securely.

Rocky Mountain Document Destruction in Salt Lake City, Utah, is here to help make your document destruction responsibilities easy! When you’re ready to get rid of all those important papers, documents, hard drives, and other private information, give us a call. We’ll drive our mobile shredding truck to you and destroy your sensitive information, strictly following NAID standards. Here’s why you’ll love Rocky Mountain Document Destruction:

  • It’s Convenient! Convenience is the main reason to use Rocky Mountain Document Destruction’s Salt Lake City, Utah, mobile shredding service. Rather than piling your sensitive documents into a car and driving them to a shred facility, you can sit comfortably in your office while we come to you and destroy your documents right in front of your eyes. Our destruction process only takes a few minutes, so you can watch your documents disappear then get back to your day. Since we don’t have to shred papers a few at a time, our process is quick and easy at almost any volume.
  • We Comply with Strict Regulations. When you hire Rocky Mountain Document Destruction to shred your sensitive documents safely and securely, allowing you to rest easy. We comply with strict industry standards.
  • It Saves You Money. Time, resources, and space – These are all things you no longer have to worry about when you use Rocky Mountain Document Destruction for your mobile paper shredding needs. No longer do you have to worry about keeping and maintaining expensive shredding equipment, using valuable employee’s time for such a mundane task, and you save money on the cost to transport your shredded documents to a secure recycling facility.
  • Shred Confirmation and Guarantee. When shredding and destruction of your documents is complete, Rocky Mountain Document Destruction provides you with a certificate of destruction, telling you that we destroyed your confidential documents following federal and state regulations. If your company’s integrity ever comes into question due to a loss of data from one of your employees or clients, you’ll have a certificate from a third-party to help protect you.

Besides paper documents, you can store sensitive information on hard drives, compact discs, or other electronic equipment. Rocky Mountain Document Destruction can help you eliminate those, too, with the same ease, convenience, and guarantee you’ll receive with our paper document shredding services.


Protecting private information should be one of your top priorities as an individual or as a business. With help from Rocky Mountain Documents Destruction, you can stop your important data and other information from being stolen by immoral thieves or unethical employees. You don’t have the time to sort and shred all of your sensitive documents all at once, but the document shredding professionals at Rocky Mountain Document Destruction do. We offer NAID-certified mobile shredding services in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding areas. Our service is fast, easy, and secure.